Monday, May 09, 2005


Yahoo! and Earthlink05/09/05
by Michelle
Yahoo! learned a painful lesson from the slump it experienced up until this year – that relying on Internet advertising is great when companies are willing to pay for advertising but not when those companies don’t have the money to spare for Internet advertising campaigns! It’s recent ventures into “paid for” services is likely to be complemented by continuing ventures into subscription-based services, perhaps involving Earthlink.Terry Semel took the reigns of Yahoo! just in time to avoid Yahoo! succumbing to the internet bubble burst syndrome by steering the company away from the purely “free content and services model” for customers, and into the world of customer-oriented revenue-generating services – often against the instincts and principles of Yahoo!’s founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo. With the help of the extremely sharp, and greatly respected Susan Decker, Terry guided the company through its difficult adolescence into adulthood.Terry certainly had the right motives, though some of the ventures have yet to pay off – Yahoo! Personals has been a goldmine, and Shopping and Finance have been worthwhile, whereas Yahoo! Auctions has been, predictably, less successful (primarily due to the late entry into a market where Ebay had already established its loyal user ba


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