Tuesday, May 10, 2005

brighthouse network florida

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bakersfield brighthouse network IndexFlorida Bound05/09/05
by: Herman Nuncrush
Florida bound the wife and our seven children are getting excited about travelling to Kissimmee just by Walt Disney World USA.
We were in the USA in late January and the begining of February.
It was our first time, but we cannot wait to ge back to the sunshine having endured the snow and thoroughly inclement weather here in the UK.
It is our intention to purchase a vacation rental home in the area, hopefully in the Emerald Island Resort or Formosa Gardens, we did have a sneak preview of these two subdivisions whilst there before. Strategically placed just 5 minutes from the Disney theme parks and approx 20 mins from the other major attractions of Sea World and Universal Studios and Islands od Adventure. We used the villa site of Fabvillas who can be found on http://www.fabvillas.com the staff there knew we hadnt travelled to the


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